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“That was actually the night before everything shut down. We had a small group and it was a weird vibe,” says choir leader Jeanette Bruce. “We were like, ‘Are we going to be allowed to do this next time?’ Of course, the answer was no.”

Even though educational video games have been used in classrooms for 50 years — and despite the fact that research shows educational games can be effective — they are not that common in classrooms today. Many educational games have been released since the days of The Oregon Trail. Some of the most popular are: Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, Math Blaster!, Zoombinis, iCivics, DragonBox Algebra and History Maker VR. Most games are for pre-K to elementary school students.Advertisement

tb12 jobs

Playing video games for 10 mins every day may brush up your esports skillsHere are five reasons video games should be used in every classroom.1. Video games can help students stay in STEM

tb12 jobs

In 2020, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology found that the nation needs to create the STEM workforce of the future. One of the reasons students drop or switch out of science, technology, engineering and math programs is because of the difficulty of introductory courses such as calculus.The University of Oklahoma has developed a calculus game that can help students succeed in calculus. Research has shown student mastery of calculus increases when using a purposeful designed learning game, such as Variant: Limits — another calculus game that was developed at Texas A&M University.

tb12 jobs

2. They provide experiential learning

Teaching students 21st-century skills, such as creative problem solving, is important for the future workforce, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Games such as DragonBox Algebra, where students solve math problems in a fantasy environment, can help students master skills such as critical thinking.One of my co-op experiences was so buggy that I ended up going through the entire last half of the level without seeing a single zombie. Worst part is that even when the timer ran out, the game didn't end. So, I was just stuck wandering aimlessly for no reason at all.

They really need to fix the bugs in co-op mode because I think that it's the best part of the game. When it did work, and my partner stayed connected, it was a lot of fun. Plus, it never hurts to have some back up during the zombie apocalypse, am I right?The graphics are much better than the first Zombieville and I love that they're trying to make the game better by allowing you to move all around the screen, but I still think they need to implement some new, or more accurate, controls.

My final complaint is that it takes far too long for the stats to pop up at the end of each level and there is no way to skip it. Also, the main menu animation is irritating — you should only have an intro the first time, not every time you go back to the main menu. This isn't a deal breaker, but I find these things annoying as they take away time that could be spent headshotting zombies and making some money.TouchArcade Rating:

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