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At the time, PCs were expensive. Only curious hobbyists were willing to invest $1,000 or more in the big, bulky units, said Scot Osterweil, one of Zoombinis' original co-developers. If you had a PC, you weren't yet using it to play all your CDs, pay your bills and telecommute. "You just thought, 'There are interesting things I can do with this,'" he said. "It wasn't yet commodified."

Published2 January 20181nessisonettTue 24th Nov 2020


Christ, kids shows have gotten dark haven’t they?2StephenYap3Tue 24th Nov 2020Sounds neat, but it's from the same guys that brought us Race With Ryan, so...pass.


3WickedUnicarnBoiTue 24th Nov 2020I used to read the books, but I never knew they made a series on it. It didn’t seem the most family friendly book series for a kids show or game. They probably dumbed it down a lot, I’ll pass.


4mjharperTue 24th Nov 2020

My son loves this series, so this will probably be on his birthday list next spring.There is no economic data due out today.

The following companies are due to release quarterly earnings today, September 7:Casey's General Stores Inc. (NASDAQ:CASY -- $206.50) operates convenience stores under the Casey's and Casey's General Store names. Casey's will report its Q1 earnings of 2022 before the bell today.

Coupa Software Inc. (NASDAQ:COUP -- $261.91) provides cloud-based business spend management platform. Coupa Software will report its Q2 earnings of 2022 before the bell today.Smartsheet Inc. (NYSE:SMAR -- $83.77) provides cloud-based platform for execution of work. Smartsheet will report its Q2 earnings of 2022 before the bell today.

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